Linc Fresh Food Program in Yarra Junction: Mark’s Thoughts

Linc Fresh Food Program in Yarra Junction Mark’s Thoughts
Meet the wonderful Mark Knoll – LinC Fresh Food Coordinator and Treasurer.
Mark manages the Yarra Junction Fresh Food Program and oversees the running of the Millgrove, Woori Yallock and River Valley programs and reports back to Community Connect (Second Bite).

Mark has been volunteering with LinC Fresh Food Program for the past two and a half years and says he continues to do so to give back to the Upper Yarra Community and to assist the Churches of the Upper Yarra to deliver their programs. Mark says he enjoys the human interaction and seeing the joy on people’s faces especially when they get their food. He enjoys seeing clients able to stretch their dollar in other areas of their lives, with the assistance of the Fresh Food program.

Mark’s Thoughts about Linc Fresh Food Program in Yarra Junction

Mark says, We supply approximately 2 tonne of fresh food to the community which enables those in the community to live a better lifestyle.”

Linc Fresh Food Program in Yarra Junction - Mark’s ThoughtsMark encourages community members to come down with a bag or two to one of the locations/times, no questions asked, to help ease some financial pressures.  He says, Some limits on some items do apply to ensure everyone has a chance to access what they need. If the stock is still available at the end, you are welcome to come through a second time to collect more items.”

Mark states, if you would like to support the Fresh Food Program, you can do so through volunteering, donations (both food and money), or through community business partnerships.

Mark would like the community to know there are no requirements to join the program. Learn more about this program by clicking here.

We are blessed to have Mark as our program leader, given the wealth of experience he brings from his 40-year career at Telstra. Coincidently, Mark began his career with Telstra very close to the location where one of our Fresh Food Program is conducted every Friday (The Upper Yarra Community Centre car park was the original Telstra depot in Yarra junction 42 years ago).

Mark has experience in the management of people, following policy, procedures, and practices, working with a diverse group of internal and external clientele.

Mark explains, “In reality, there is no difference between working for a non-for-profit organisation as a volunteer as working in a global corporate.”

We’d like to thank Mark for his expertise, time, and effort he puts into LinC and the Fresh Food Programs week in and week out. He is a valued member of the organisation.

Learn How LinC Can Help You Right Now

Established in 1992, LinC Yarra Valley assists the community in practical ways. Our dedicated volunteers support their local community by providing food, meals, crisis support, budget help, referrals, and community transport for those in need.

About the LinC Fresh Food Program

Hardship can happen to anyone and the cost of fresh food can make it difficult for people in need to maintain a balanced diet. Local churches in partnership with LinC, have been delivering these free programs to the community for over 5 years. Every Friday and Sunday fresh food is available to those in need to ensure everyone has access to fresh ingredients to prepare healthy meals.  Please bring your own bags.

The LinC Fresh Food Program Schedule

Millgrove Programs
Millgrove Baptist Church, 4 Cavanagh Road, Millgrove Fridays 11:00am (Tickets from 10:00) Contact – Liz Love on 0422 270 178
River Valley Church – At the back of the Millwarra Community Centre Sundays 10:00am

Contact – Judy  0428 148 833

Yarra Junction Program – Community Room, Upper Yarra Family Centre, 2442 Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction
Fridays 1:30pm, tickets from 12:30.
Contact – LinC on 5967 2119

Woori Yallock Program – Woori Yallock Presbyterian Church 1363 Healesville – Koo Wee Rup Road, Woori Yallock; Fridays 10:00am.
Contact – David 0410 529 657

Second Bite does not deliver on public holidays therefore the programs may be rescheduled for those weeks.  Please call the LinC office for details 5967 2119.

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