Helping Churches Help People

LinC Church Services Network Yarra Valley was founded in 1992 to connect and facilitate local churches to assist people in need in the Upper Yarra Valley.  Our goal is to help churches help people by connecting caring Christians with people needing support. LinC provides an opportunity for ordinary people to do ordinary things, making an extraordinary difference in our community. We are a network of fourteen Christian churches with members and volunteers from local churches and the local community.

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Our Mission

To relieve and alleviate poverty and distress for people suffering due to isolation, homelessness, disability/age, financial and family crises. To provide, through our network of Christian churches and local agencies, practical care for vulnerable people.

Our Core Values

  1. LinC is a Christian network of churches seeking to follow Jesus in his identification with vulnerable people and his example of showing unconditional love to all people.
  2. LinC is committed to serving people with needs, working in partnership with them and being a channel for a response of compassion from local churches.
  3. LinC gives priority to people over systems and respects the dignity and worth of all.
  4. LinC works in partnership with churches and community agencies
  5. LinC is committed to good stewardship of people and material resources.
  6. LinC is responsive in acting wherever help is needed and appropriate. We are responsive to new opportunities.

The LinC Referral Team can be contacted by telephone and email.  Referrals are made to our churches for fresh food, food and grocery parcels, frozen and community meals, bill help, budgeting, and to local service agencies for case management, financial counselling and other specialised support.

Become a LinC Yarra Valley Member

Join now as an Individual LinC member for just $10 per year and unlock a world of benefits!

Enjoy eligibility for Community Yarra Centre membership, saving you $60 on the joining fee and over $240 annually on a full access pass. Plus, gain reciprocal rights to multiple aquatic centres. Don’t miss out – sign up today!

Churches interested in joining can contact us for more information.

How can we help you?

Whether you’re requiring fresh food, pantry items, bill help or even a chat with someone who cares, we can help.

Support our Programs

We assist hundreds of families and individuals with practical needs on a weekly basis, including help accessing free fresh food, food parcels, meals, vouchers and petrol. This much needed support relies on volunteers and cash and food donations to ensure our local community has access to the help they need. Please donate today. All cash donations are tax deductible.

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