• Do you like to help others?

    Become a LinC volunteer and make a difference in someone’s life.

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  • Hardship can affect everyone

    Your donation can make a difference

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  • Fresh food programs in three convenient locations

    LinC provides fresh food to Yarra Junction, Millgrove and Woori Yallock.

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  • “The best thing is suppling fresh veggies to people who can’t afford them. I like to see the smile on people’s faces when they come in and see the food. I just enjoy doing it.” Jock – LinC Volunteer

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  • Not sure what to do?

    We’re here to help you get back on track.

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  • Can’t pay your bills?

    We can help you right now and prepare you for the future.

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  • Do you need help getting around?

    LinC provides reduced cost community transport to people who are over the age of 65 years and those with a disability. We provide social, recreational and medical trips from $15.

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  • “I don’t take very much as I don’t like throwing anything away. I grow veggies myself anyway. All those things make a difference. It’s as much to come down and have a cup of coffee and a chat more than anything.”
    Michael – Millgrove – commenting on the LinC Food Program

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  • “It’s helped me like you wouldn’t believe. Being disabled and on a pension it’s a battle to eat fresh. I regularly have up to five grand children staying with me to support my son and it it wasn’t for Second Bite and LinC I’d have no way of living at all.” Vicki Bover

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Established in 1992, LinC Yarra Valley assists the community in practical ways. Our dedicated volunteers support their local community by providing food, meals, crisis support, budget help, referrals and community transport for those in need.


LinC works in partnership with others.  We affirm and promote unity in the church and work cooperatively alongside other services.


The dedicated team at LinC are locals loving locals and are committed to providing Transport and Crisis support for people living in the Yarra Ranges.


LinC is committed to serve people with needs and to work in partnership with them, to be a channel of love and compassion.

How can we assist you?

Our services have assisted thousands of people over more than 25 years, by providing practical support for those in need.

Wellbeing Transport Access – we can help you get there

Getting around can be hard for some. LinC Wellbeing Transport Access gives Yarra Valley residents the independence they need.  LinC’s quality community transport enables you or your loved ones the freedom to get around without having to rely on friends, family and neighbours for help.  Subsidised fees begin at $15.  Find out about eligibility by calling Mark on (03) 5967 2119.

Fresh Food Programs – your health is important to us

Our three free, weekly, fresh food programs are conveniently located in Yarra Junction, Millgrove and Woori Yallock.

Fresh Start (Emergency Relief) – We’re here to help

We are here to help you or your loved ones in a crisis.  Whether it’s connecting them to people within our church network, or to other local services, or to just being a listening ear, we’re here to support our community.

Budget Help – Get the support you need

Are finding it hard to stay on top of it all, when it comes to paying your your bills? Our budget assistance service can provide with the support you need to get back on track.

What people say about us

See what people in the community and our volunteers have to stay about LinC

“We started off as customers. It was a massive help to the fortnightly budget. Luckily we were asked to be volunteers and the benefits from that is the company and the people we meet each week.”

Vicki Meldrum
Vicki MeldrumFresh Food Volunteer - LinC

“It’s really helped me quite a lot because, we’re on a pension and we don’t have a lot of money to spend on food. I’ve got two young kids and they cost a lot of money for school, camps and school uniforms so we can’t really afford to buy a lot of fresh food.”

Robert Hall
Robert HallFresh Food Program Volunteer - LinC

“It’s been amazing. I come every week. I’ve got three young kids, I’m a single mum and between this and the pantry items I get from the Redwood Centre and the little church (All Saints), I think it saves me around $300 every fortnight.”

Carmen Killoran Bulmer
Carmen Killoran Bulmer

“It’s helped me with my budgeting.  I don’t have to buy so much. I’m recently retired and on a small pension and it really helps me get through the week. It also helps me eat a lot healthier.”

Celeste Walker
Celeste Walker

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LinC Yarra Valley 25 years young!

LinC-Yarra Valley Celebrating 25 Years - Marylin Leermakers

At our AGM last year, LinC Yarra Valley (Victoria) celebrated a quarter of a century! LinC Yarra Valley was one of the first affiliates in Australia, being established in 1992. Many volunteers attended the meeting and celebration which was held at Pallotti College, near Millgrove, in the picturesque Yarra River Valley. Chairperson Marylin Leermakers (above) welcomed all, […]